German-born Irma was drawn to agriculture and cheese-making in the Swiss Alps in her mid-twenties. With her family of four children she immigrated to the Okanagan in 2011, starting their cheese-making business on their little acreage outside Lumby.

Irma enjoys the challenges related to making cheese and dairy products. Transforming the rich Jersey milk into a variety of flavourful and nourishing food products is an interesting aspect of the work for her.

Since always, she had pleasure in experiencing food processing, the bread making, baking, canning, cooking and cheese making was one more aspect for her to discover. The Jersey’s in White Valley give certainly their best, and to make the best out of their best, is her commitment.


The milk gets picked up several times a week from a local farm in Lumby where they raise Jersey cows for their dairy. From May to October the cows graze on open pasture . The milk is considered grass fed. Jersey milk is known for its high content of protein, calcium, and Vitamin A compared to other dairy breeds.

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